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Company history

Mawooly International was founded by Winston J Miller in Jamaica  may 1989 , shortly after Mawooly International started  to produce  dancehall reggae tracks and host a program named Writer's House in the early 90s. Writer's House was a program that prepared songwriters for the songwriting business. Over the years we improved our business , by doing more in the music industry with a open vision to create new sounds with new technology and make great songs.

In 2002 Mawooly's music productions started to make Hip Hop , R&B other type of music to show the world that we can make any type of music.  In 2005 The man that done it all, Winston J Miller acquire a 50% share in Pyramada Recording Studio ,and then sold it two years later to Make Up Record . In  2007 after the studio was sold , we started to do our Recording  in the New York Metro area , where things is going great for us , with our new sound and movement .  In 2014 our movement continue  and we are making beautiful music.