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                                                                                       Body Anchor

Body Anchor is a Herbal cocktail tonic drink , made from herbs and fruits . This drink is design to build and strengthen the body. Body Anchor contain iron, essential vitamins and mineral salts that help you live a better life .  These herbs and fruits have been used for hundreds of years by our ancestors  to heal and strengthen their body and now (Body wood) combine these herbs and fruits to give you Body Anchor the total drink . Body Anchor is also rich in Antioxidants and pack with energy to give you power that todays men and women need for their every day lives. For the pass four years hundreds of people have benefit from this Drink and now living a healthy and better life. Body Anchor The Total Drink almost good for everything. .

For the pass four years (Body Wood) have been working on this product to make it taste even better then before and pack with more energy. This herbal cocktail tonic drink  is The Total Drink that today men and women need to keep them in top shape. So for a better body , Body Anchor Cocktail Tonic Drink is here to strengthen and anchor your body.  You can email  us @ and .

My name is Tom.. April 20 2014

 Two years ago I was having problem seeing my computer screen when I stay on the computer for more than 10 minutes . Then I heard about Body Wood giving away  a new  herbal Cocktail Tonic drink that  need to be tested  , so I call Body Wood, and told them that I need to try his product and from that day I have been taking Body Anchor ever since, and now I can see my TV and computer screen much better then before. Thank to you Mr Miller for making me be one of the first person, to used Body Anchor, it works for me...Three  years after my first intake of the supper Drink I am still in love with it... BODY ANCHOR THE TOTAL DRINK

Alton Brown - May 14  2014

 Body Anchor > All I can say this product work for me in ever ways,  it improve my eyesight , my sex drive and a lot more so just try it..                                             

Paul   Thomas  June 02  2014..

This drink is the total drink , so take it from me , Body Anchor works...

Claude Cummings: August 21, 2015

Body  Anchor is a drink that make you live a better life , you sleep better, you have less stressed and that a big improvement in your life, Body Anchor The Total Drink That Almost Good For Everything.

CALTON BLADE:  May 17, 2018

I have been using   this product for the past 3 years and it has done wonder for me.



                   MORINGA is one of the Ingredient that are in BODY ANCHOR. So here are some information on Moringa,

                                                                                             Guava Fruit

Guava is another tropical fruit that are in Body Anchor.  It is rich in nutrition, with a unique flavor, taste and health-promoting qualities, the fruit easily fits in the functional foods category, often call super fruits.

It is an evergreen,, tropical shrub or low growing small tree probably originated in middle Americas. Guavas actually thrive in both dry and humid climates and can tolerate brief periods of cold spells.                                                                            

Health benefits of Guava fruit:

.Guava are low in calories and fats but contain several vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidant poly-phenolic and flavored compounds that play a pivotal role in prevention of cancers, anti-aging and a immune-booster.

.The fruit is very rich source of soluble dietary fiber.

.Guava fruit is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin-c.



                                                                      These are some facts about Noni

 Body Anchor is a immune system booster and will give you the energy that today men and women need to keep them going.  For the pass four years Body wood have been working and developing other products that are making an impact in people lives.

 Body Wood is the maker of Body Anchor, Keep It Eveready and Body Ecentral Bitter . These drinks are inproving people lives, day by day